Saturday, October 31, 2009

A few delicacies in BM

Here's another food introduction. Haha!

But first, let me introduce the famous school in Bukit Mertajam (BM); SMJK Jit Sin 日新中学. (Haha.. Can learn some chinese)

Here comes the main dish. It's the "Bowl Rice" or 燒臘飯(as what's written below). It's locally called "喀"饭 (Khak P~ui) in Hokkien. (Khak - the sound when the rice is poured out of the metal bowl, P~ui - rice in Hokkien). ~I hope I didn't pronounce it wrongly~
Look at the price! It's just RM3.20. I personally think that it's cheap. (安いと思う。)

It has chicken and pork. (So, it's not halal.)

It's made by putting the cooked meat in the metal bowl (it's something like the bowl that contain "Lo Mai Kai" 糯米鸡 - Nasi Pulut) and then uncooked rice. Next, the bowl is put into the cooker(machine thingy).

A few customers waiting in queue. Here's the location.

Just around the area, there's this Rojak - 喏(luo1 re3) stall. Look at the name of the stall. 白人囉吔 - White Man's Rojak.
Here's the location.

It seems and tastes like normal rojak. It is just that the name of the stall is funny.

It's near Jalan Pasar of BM. The "Bowl Rice" and the "Rojak" stalls are around the area.

Here's another Rojak stall with the name 黑人啰吔 - Black Man's Rojak.
Here's the location.

And here's another stall: 黑白人囉吔 - Black White Man's Rojak.
Here's the location.

Jalan Pasar

Jalan Pasar

Rojak RM9.00

Rojak Stalls
Jalan Pasar,
14000 Bukit Mertajam.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Breakfast in Parit Buntar

The next time you wanna have breakfast, try this stall.

It's in Parit Buntar, near d bridge to Bandar Baharu, just across the main road from the famous weekend-only Laksa stall. You should pass by the RM2.50 Chinese Restaurant (where most USM students have their lunch there) when you are on the way to this stall.
Here's the location.

The famous weekend Laksa stall is just across this main road.

You can see Sungai Kerian from here.

That's the bridge on our right.

It opens only in the morning.

This the legendary Curry Mee.

Loh Mee

After finished eating..