Saturday, April 23, 2011

Four Seasons Tea Restaurant @ Sunway Tunas

Four Seasons Tea Restaurant is a restaurant that serves typical chinese cuisine.
Here's the location.

They have 3 branches in Penang.
The main one at Jalan Terengganu, one at Sunway Tunas and another at Bukit Jambul.

You can find out their menu here.

老黄瓜汤 Old-cucumber soup FOC
They served soup as free. It's like the soup-of-the-day.

清炒西兰花 Stir-fried Broccoli RM11.30

苏冬(麦沙)Squid (Nestum) RM16.80

葡皇骨 Pork Rib with Black Currant Sauce RM21.00
This one is delicious!! Highly recommended!!

麻婆豆腐 Mah Po Bean Curd RM13.50

49, Persiaran Mahsuri 1/1,
Bayan Lepas 11900,

Tel: 04-6466193 or 016-4118193

Beef Soup Koay Teow 打石街牛肉粿條飯湯 @ Kedai Kopi Lam Ah 南亞茶室, Beach Street

Feel like tasting Beef Soup Koay Teow.
This is one recommended place.
Here's its location.

Lam Ah Coffee Shop
It is directly opposite the Chulia Street Fire Department.
That's to say, it's a corner shop at the crossroad of Lebuh Pantai and Lebuh Chulia and Gat Lebuh Chulia.

The cook is a lady.
Lam Ah Coffee Shop has only two stalls: This Beef Soup Koay Teow Stall and another Fried Oyster stall.

It was crowded when we went.

Beef Soup Koay Teow RM7.00

Though it's a bit much pricier, it's worth it.

Kedai Kopi Lam Ah 南亞茶室
194, Lebuh Pantai,
10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 9:00am - 3:00pm (Closed on Sun)

Wan Tan Mee at Swee Kong Coffee Shop @Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus

Looking for a place for breakfast?
You might wanna try this one.
Here's the place.

Swee Kong Coffee Shop
It's just situated directly opposite the Pulau Tikus Police Station.

In the morning, only this Wan Tan Mee stall and another Indian Mee stall opens at Swee Kong Coffee.
The other stalls probably open during lunchtime.
Most of the customers were here for this Wan Tan Mee.

Wan Tan Mee RM3.50(small)
What makes this Wan Tan Mee unique is that it has egg gravy 蛋卤 on top.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Carpenter Street Cafe - Sarawakian Cuisine in Penang

Updated Jan 11, 2014: It's been closed down.
Even if you are in Penang, you can still taste Sarawakian Cuisine here at Carpenter Street Cafe.
Here's its location.

It's just next to Am Bank

The Menu

Sarawak Laksa RM7.90

Sarawak Kolomee RM5.90

Even though my Sarawakian friend said that the Kolomee in Sarawak tastes better, this one was still not bad. I haven't tasted the one in Sarawak though. :p

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maga Restaurant @ Perak Road

You can a variety of food at Maga Restaurant..
Here's the place.

Spinach Pan Mee stall.

Spinach Pan Mee Soup RM3.50

Dry Pan Mee RM3.50

Just behind the Spinach Pan Mee stall is the Koay Teow Soup stall.

Koay Teow Soup RM3.50

A few stalls away from the Koay Teow Soup stall is this Wan Tan Mee stall.
This stall sells Spicy Wan Tan Mee..

Dry Spicy Wan Tan Mee RM3.50

This Popiah stall is just outside of Maga Restaurant by the roadside (Jalan Perak)

Popiah RM2.20

They have fried oyster stall too..

Fried Oyster RM8.00
Yummy... :P

There are many other stalls around like Curry Mee, Bak Kut Teh, Lok-lok, Chee Cheong Fun, Yam Rice and Yong Tou Fu, Porridge, Curry Fish Head, Grilled Fish, Chicken Rice etc..

Little Cottage @ Burmah Road

The Little Cottage.. It has branch (Little Cottage 2) at Gottlieb Road.
This is probably the main branch. It's at Burmah Road.
Here's the map.

Menu for lunch..

A 5-course set lunch consists of a butter roll, a Soup-of-the-day, a main course, a dessert and and a cup of coffee or tea.

This is the mushroom soup (Soup-of-the-day).. It's Campbell's mushroom soup.. Hehe..

Butter rolls..

Black Pepper Chicken RM15.90 (5-course set lunch)

Chicken Chop Little Cottage Style RM15.90 (5-course set lunch)

Spaghetti "Napoletana" (tomato) RM9.90 (5-course set lunch)

Spaghetti "Bolognese" (chicken) RM15.90 (5-course set lunch)

Fruit jelly as dessert

And finally, a cup of coffee/tea..

The service and food at this Little Cottage is much better than Little Cottage 2(@Gottlieb Road).
However, they serve food quite slowly too..

Charlie Brown Cafe @ Straits Quay

Updated Aug 22, 2014: It's been closed down.
There's a new cafe in town!! It's the Charlie Brown Cafe at the 1st floor of Straits Quay.
If you're not familiar with who Charlie Brown is, perhaps you know Snoopy :)
Snoopy's Charlie's dog.

Charlie Brown is the main character in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.
He's a boy whose kite never flies and he never succeeded in kicking the football.

Here's the location.

Since it's newly open in Penang, there was a huge crowd. There was long queue at the counter.
Most customers are equipped with a camera.

The Menu

Here's some decorations on the wall outside the cafe.

Snoopy is sitting at the entrance..

The chess set. I guess it's purchasable.

You can find a huge collection of Snoopy merchandise here!!

Poor Woodstock.. he's in a cage.. Let him out!!

Here's what we had.

Caffee Mocha(12 oz) RM11.00 & Chocolate (12 oz) RM9.50

Charlie Brown RM6.80 & Apple Juice RM9.00

Charlie Brown

Citron Blueberry RM6.80

Royal Chocolate RM12.00

Jumbo Chicken Hotdog RM15.80

Franklin Frappa RM15.00