Thursday, April 24, 2014

Red Chilli Fongwei Restaurant 紅辣椒四川菜廣東菜風味館 @ Lorong Madras

This is one restaurant that serve Szechuan and Cantonese dishes.
Here's the location.

The Menu

手撕包菜 Shredded Cabbage RM12.00

麻婆豆腐 Mapo doufu RM12.00

蒜泥白肉 Plain Boiled Pork in Mashed Garlic RM15.00
This is a cold dish and the pork slices were drenched in oil. Unique.

口味花菜 Cauliflower RM15.00

Red Chilli Fongwei Restaurant 紅辣椒四川菜廣東菜風味館
114-116, Lorong Madras,
10400 Georgetown, Penang
Tel: 016 - 496 5055
Business Hours: 4:00pm - 1:00am (Closed on alternate Wed)

My Voice Cafe & Studio

Newly opened, My Voice Cafe has quite a crowd. I queued for about 45 minutes to get it. LOL!!
Here's the location.
They have a pianist that comes over for 3-4 days in a week. So, if you're lucky, you might get a chance to listen to songs played by her. It's kinda unique for a Japanese Restaurant to have a pianist. Haha

The Menu

Big Bowl Gekikara Ramen 激辛 ラーメン 大碗拉麵 (3-person) RM49.00
Highly recommended!! This is what almost everyone is ordering!!

Buta Gyoza (Pork) RM8.00

My Voice Cafe & Studio
C-5-1, Lorong Bayan Indah 3
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 645 5100
Business Hours: 12:00pm - 3:00pm & 6:00pm - 12:00am
Web site:
Facebook: My Voice Cafe & Studio

My Voice Cafe opened a new outlet at Krystal Point at the shop that used to be El Mondo.
Here's the location.

Big Bowl Buta Kakuni Ramen 豚角煮 ラーメン 大碗拉麵 (5-person) RM72.00

My Voice Cafe & Studio
303-1-20 , Krystal Point,
Jalan Sultan Azlah Shah,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Tel: 04 - 641 6168