Monday, October 10, 2016

Junk Cafe @ Chulia Street

Here's the location.

Decorative junks everywhere..

They even have spittoons, in which some used to wee-wee etc when young. lol

Creepy Pinocchio hanging above our table.

The Menu

Cheese Burger RM25.00

Full of Junk RM25.00

Lemon & Herb Chicken RM23.00

Chicken Blood Cream RM21.00
*This is perhaps the better burger/sandwich they serve*

Junk Cafe
401, Lebuh Chulia,
10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 016 - 438 3205
Business Hours: 3:00pm - 1:00am (Closed on Wed)
Facebook: Junk Cafe

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