Sunday, May 10, 2015

Aki Pancake @ Super Tanker Food Court

A very popular pancake stall at Super Tanker. Locally, we call it 曼煎粿 (Ban Chang Kueh in Hokkien) or Apom Balik.
Here's the location.

The Menu

From top: Peanut Pancake RM1.20, Corn Pancake RM1.50 and Banana Pancake RM2.00

Aki Pancake
Super Tanker Food Court
Jalan Nipah, Taman Lip Sin,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 012 - 482 1077
Business Hours: 8:00am - 10:30pm (Super Tanker) | 8:00am - 11:30am & 6:00pm - 10:30pm (Aki Pancake)


Anonymous said...

Saw wife rude to customer. Treat customer like dog. Such disgusting and humiliation. Also touches money and pancake with same hand.

Anonymous said...

This type of little Napoleon frm the hawkers. Having a take it and leave attitude and customer is at their mercy just to buy their food. Saw her too scolding and cancelling a customer order just for asking his queee. Very rude and arrogant. Haiz....

Anonymous said...

I like both of them as they are very friendly and customer focus. The pancake is very nice and tasty. I am a bit shocked what you have said and doubt with your posts.

Unknown said...

Service is Ok, consider friendly to me. But she really touch money n pancake with the same hand. If u know her, pls try to talk to her, hope that she'll improve hygiene.