Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Super Hokkien Mee 雲來福建麵 @ One Corner Cafe 和喜茶室

One of the many very famous Hokkien Mee is located at One Corner Cafe.
It's so popular that you'll need to waiting for about 45 minutes if there were many people ordering this. Please do go early to avoid waiting.
Here's the location.

Super Hokkien Mee Stall 雲來福建麵

Hokkien Mee 福建麵 RM5.00

Chee Cheong Fun Stall

Chee Cheong Fun 豬腸粉 (Big) RM3.90

Taro Cake 芋頭糕 (2 pcs) RM3.40

Koay Teow Th'ng Stall

Dried Koay Teow 粿條乾撈 RM4.50

Chicken Rice Stall

Bean Sprout Chicken Rice 芽菜白斬雞飯 RM4.00

One Corner Cafe 和喜茶室
2, Jalan Bawasah (Behind Penang Plaza)
10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 7:30am onwards (Closed on Tue)