Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hualien Golden Triangle Shopping District 花蓮金三角商圈

This is a very famous location for shopping in Hualien City. Various shops around the area ranging from food, electronics to clothing. It's called the Golden Triangle because of the intersections of three roads namely 中山路 Zhongshan Road, 中華路 Zhonghua Road and 中正路 Zhongzheng Road.
Here's the location.



公正包子店, located at 中山路 Zhongshan Road part of the Golden Triangle, is very famous for it's Xiaolongbao 小籠包.
Here's the location.
小籠包 Xiaolongbao NT5 per pcs

Hualien is famous for two kinds of stone: The hardest one is 大理石 Marble and the softest one is 麻糬mochi; and 曾記 Zeng Ji is a very famous shop for mochi. =)

Just within the area of Golden Triangle, you can already spot 3 Zeng Ji shops!!

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