Wednesday, February 13, 2013

小籠包 & 豪大大雞排 @ 新北投 Xinbeitou, Taipei City

This is quite a popular shop for Xiaolongbao in Xinbeitou. It started as a stall and now it's selling in a shop already.
Here's the location.

小籠包 Xiaolongbao NT70 for 10 pcs

燒賣 Dumplings NT70 for 10 pcs

Taiwan is also famous for it's very large piece of fried chicken. This is one that you should try!!
It actually has many stores around Taiwan. This is only one of its store in Xinbeitou. Just a few steps away from the Xiaolongbao shop above.
Here's the location.
豪大大雞排 Large Fried Chicken NT55

豪大大雞排 Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken
Upper part of Gongguan Road
Business Hours: After 3:00pm
Web site:

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